Welcome to Trendwood, Inc. Parts.    This site sells Hardware for Trendwood products...much of which is available at your local hardware store.  Our prices include shipping to the Continental U.S.  For Alaska, Hawaii, or Canadian shipments, please email or call us prior to placing your order, so we may help you through the order process.  We do not offer Wood parts (Bunk ends, Frame rails, Drawers, etc...but we're happy to direct you to our nearest retailer for a new product purchase. 

Please note:  All Sales are Final.  If you're unsure of your needs, please email us before you purchase. 

If you've recently moved, please use the address associated with your Credit Card (usually your old one) or the purchase will decline, and you'll have to re-order, and trust that your first order will drop from your pending in a time determined by your bank, not Trendwood.   If you need shipping to a "new" address, please enter that address in the notes section, or just send us an email referencing your order number.    

Thank you for visiting.

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